Vineyard walks and fine wine

Hike and wine tasting

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Walk through vineyards and open countryside and sample local homeo-dynamic wines (Sagrantino, the local red, is one of Italy’s finest).

Then, you’ll meet Diego and his goats on his family farm.

Learn what it takes to make goat cheese and enjoy a tasting before you walk back to yet another winery and sample local wines on the winery’s panoramic terrace.


  • Discover Sagrantino
    Hike through varied landscape
  • Experience local history and stories
  • Meet local food producers
  • A light lunch based on goat cheese

All the producers we meet are committed to the highest quality, always searching for new ways of production.

Their passion makes them extraordinary, as you will find out when you meet them.

As you walk through vineyards and open land, you will find no monoculture here.

Olive groves are next to vineyards, and each farm estate grows as many different things as possible, making sure the land remains sustainable and beautiful.


Learn everything about Sagrantino, this unique red wine, from people who are totally dedicated to it. 

Our lunch stop will be at Diego’s, where you get to sample his outstanding goat cheeses accompanied by a red wine cultivated by Diego himself. 

You will love this day out in nature full of great food and drink in the company of wonderful locals and their unique stories.



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