Truffle snuffle


In the heart of Italy, a stone’s throw from the splendid Spoleto, stands the Sacred Wood of Monteluco…

Rocca Ripesena

The water way

A nice tour through the reign of water, along lakes, springs, and waterfalls, arrive in the village of roses and look at the imposing Orvieto on its rock.

Closing with an indispensable toast in the land where three regions meet!


Wine and foliage

From Montefalco, the “balcony of Umbria” we walk together among nature, along paths and through vineyards, enchanted by the foliage, the group laughter and… by the wine-based finale!

Gualdo Cattaneo

Walking among the olives

History, nature, tranquility, walks, and… Umbria!

From our headquarters in Gualdo Cattaneo, we invite you to discover the most hidden, pure, and genuine sides of the green heart of Italy.