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Umbria day tours

Vineyard walks
and fine wine

Walk through vineyards and open countryside and sample local homeo-dynamic wines (Sagrantino, the local red, is one of Italy’s finest)…

Umbria's green gold

Walk through vineyards and open countryside and sample local homeo-dynamic wines (Sagrantino, the local red, is one of Italy’s finest)…

Truffle snuffle

The truffles alone are worth the trip to Monteluco, but the rest is impressive as well…

Italy week tours

Tuscany’s untamed south

Etruscan Tuscany, the area of Maremma, with its melancholic beauty…

Apulia, the heel of Italy

Today definitely on the tourist map among Italy’s famous places, Apulia is still a territory to discover…

The Five Lands

Explore the five villages of the Cinque Terre…



Truffle snuffle

Spoleto, the city with a Germanic Lombard past, hosts majestic monuments and … incredible nature! Starting in the Sacred Wood to discover Saint Francis, and continuing along pristine paths and breathtaking landscapes, we will discover the art of truffle picking… and how to eat it

Rocca Ripesena

The water way

A nice tour through the reign of water, along lakes, springs, and waterfalls, arrive in the village of roses and look at the imposing Orvieto on its rock.

Closing with an indispensable toast in the land where three regions meet!


Wine and foliage

From Montefalco, the “balcony of Umbria” we walk together among nature, along paths and through vineyards, enchanted by the foliage, the group laughter and… by the wine-based finale!


"Walk the Wonders of Italy"

We want you to live a unique trip off the beaten track seeing authentic places you couldn’t find on your own.

Discover this extraordinary country led by outstanding tour leaders with a deep knowledge and passion for the place they live.

Let our long experience become your one-of-a kind tour.

...the right person at the right place!


Born and grown up in Switzerland, she studied at Zurich university. She then chose to go and live in the country her parents had left a long time ago. There she met her husband Paolo and the rest is history. 

Since her arrival in Italy in 1997 she has worked in travel business writing programs, accompanying groups and finally specializing in what suits her more than anything else (remember she is half Swiss): administrating and accounting.

Her precision is extreme, she is mostly accurate, precise in every sense and never loses track of any detail.

Highly educated and sensitive, Marzia is the right person at the right place.

She is the one who checks the tours we’ve put together step by step, minute by minute. She thinks of possible inconveniences time ahead, this way permitting us to offer tours which have been thought of in every single detail, possible or impossible.

...Italy lover with Prussian organization!


Katrin is German and has lived in Italy for the last 30 years. What was meant to be a short break of 6 month from university of Heidelberg, Germany, has turned out to be a radical change of life, a fact she divides with so many other foreigners who have come to Umbria and never left again. More then, she met her future husband and they have lived happily together ever since in a remote village in the Umbrian hinterland in one of the typical medieval hill hamlets surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. 

Katrin has a Master degree in Economics of Tourism and since she left university she has always worked in the travel business. She’s the one to imagine the tours, giving them a sense and direction, putting the details togehter. 

Her heart beats for the country she chose as her home but her Prussian origin (she is from Berlin) helps her in not losing touch with organization and care for the detail often underestimated in a country like Italy.